Michael Jules Lang is a polyhedric painter. His portraits, landscapes and interior scenes stimulate the viewer. In his portraiture, Lang’s strength is his ability to immortalise the expression of the subjects, transmitting their emotions; joy, fear, anguish and love. On analysis of Lang’s work, we are able to understand his talent in conveying passions and feelings that are able to touch and stimulate our subconscious mind.

The use of colour and contrast are exceptional and give the sensation of sharing a moment with a kind of dream, a reality that is mysterious and romantic, real and unreal. A composition that breathes and lives, emitting power and tangible messages. The spectator is introduced to a timeless moment in which one is invited to re-discover and re-examine the elements that surround us.

Expressive brushstrokes and touches of different tonalities, in Lang’s still life work, describe a sense of natural order, the link between artistic expression and the perfection of nature. Lang uses the subject of the flower as a delicate albeit intense medium to communicate the relationship between our inner selves and the outside world. Perhaps Lang’s still lifes are an exploration of his soul or perhaps his perception of beauty in its most graceful manifestation. An artist of wonderful talent, who is not only able to speak to our senses but also to our souls, in a language that allows us to examine what lies beneath the surface of the world we live in.

Christopher Rosewood
European Confederation of Art Critics